Ningbo Jiuchuang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

It is a modern equipment manufacturer specializing in R&D, design and manufacture of automatic bearing assembly equipment, bearing detection equipment, tapered bearing assembly equipment, bearing production connection, non-standard automation equipment. After years of innovation and breakthroughs, the company has a high reputation in the bearing equipment industry. The automatic assembly equipment of bearing has reached the leading level in the industry, and is the designated supplier of the first-line brand bearing enterprises at home and abroad. Over the years, the company has pursued the management concept of quality, professionalism and integrity. With the concept of technology leading, quality leading and efficiency leading, it has continuously introduced high efficiency and high quality automatic production equipment to the market.

With strong R&D capabilities, the company specializes in customizing the most reasonable production solutions for customers, from project planning, product design, equipment installation and adjustment. Provide you with the most professional service throughout the trial; trust comes from quality, service creates the future, long-term automation adheres to the manufacturing of high-end brand equipment.






  • 新大地轴承
  • 宁波镇海银球
  • SKF(宁波通用轴承)
  • 宁波庄宏亿轴承
  • 宁波神鹰轴承
  • 宁波东煌
  • 宁波艾森博林
  • 环驰轴承
  • 广东肯铁
  • 福建福南轴承
  • 达尔轴承
  • 百诺肯轴承
  • 慈溪四海轴承
  • 新世纪轴承
  • 神龙轴承
  • 宁波金鑫轴承
  • 哈尔滨轴承
  • 福建国兴轴承